My First Lager

Last night I finished brewing Pusherman Pils. This beer is my first ever lager! One of the advantages of living in Chicago and brewing is Winter. I took temperature readings all week and it’s consistently below 60 degrees Fahrenheit in my storage area. With the weather looking cold moving forward I can effectively lager beer.

For my first beer I’m using a Bohemian Lager Yeast that thrives between 45 – 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a little warmer than most lager yeasts will tolerate but I plan on keeping it in the Fifties though I like the flexibility since I’m naturally lagering and not using a temperature controlled unit. It will take 3 weeks for fermentation to end and then the beer must sit in cold storage for another month and lager. After that I can finally bottle condition the beer warm to carbonate for 2 weeks then refrigerate for 2 additional weeks to stabilize the beer further. It’s a tricky process but I feel confident this Pilsner is going to be great!


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